Outreach Program

Outreach Program

Blanco has embarked upon a community outreach program where we are, under the banner of child welfare, attempting to assist as many of the little underprivileged kids in the area that we can possibly manage to reach. Although the Tarkastad municipality district is an area where there is very little crime upon the white community, there is sadly a large amount of criminal behaviour that happens towards the little children in the townships. Baby’s are being dumped in dustbins, small toddlers are being left unfed, unclothed and uncared for, 8 – 10 year old little girls are being used for live sex shows in the taverns etc etc etc



Although an enormous amount is already being done to help, it is not nearly enough hence our mission to join forces with Child Welfare and see how we can assist. Whilst at a child welfare meeting one day I sat listening to these stats and just got to thinking about the enormous network of people that we have through the Blanco database and of course just with our very own friends and families.

Our Blanco guests for some reason are extremely passionate about upliftment in this area and are constantly donating funds and clothing to help with the betterment of our staff. At times they have also asked me as to how we can extend our reach into the community. With this in mind, we have decided to start this project driven by the pure faith that we will get all the support, donations and funds we need just by tapping into our network. We hopefully would like to create a ripple effect by asking each and every one of you to please try and tap into your network for us and so we can spread the word and eventually get donations and funding from far and wide. We would like to think of this as a way of “paying our charity forward”. By this we hope that we can not only get people to donate but also get them, with as little effort as one e-mail to their friends and family to help get funding from others. Blanco itself has learned to understand the power of word of mouth and we are hoping that as the Blanco community has been built up over the years through word of mouth, so too will its outreach program.

Having said all of this, we completely understand that many of you already do an incredible amount of charity work and donating of old toys and clothes so there is ABSOLUTELY no expectation from our side. This is simply a blanket request and we only want those who feel an urge/inspiration to join us and/or assist us to do so. Donations can be once off or on an ongoing basis. Alternately, every time you pass by Blanco, if you do have anything old that you want to discard, please bring it along. An old teddy or a few R5 coins all add up and make a difference. It is incredible how the principle of a little goes a long way certainly does apply to an underprivileged child. Just by us giving up one big packet of chips and one bottle of wine this festive season (both of which we usually gobble down without much thought and then winge about it hanging around our hips/boeps), you could feed a little child for a few days.

Our vision is to attempt to feed, cloth, spoil and inspire as many of the little kids in the area as we can. We will work with the existing social workers, auxiliary social workers and volunteers in the area who will go into the community and identify the families/kids with the greatest need (they have already started identifying these people). We are going to start off by using leftovers from the Blanco kitchen and veggies gardens (without of course depriving our existing staff of any of their spoils) but we are hoping that before long we will have a long list of monthly donations/goods that will help us make the lives of these little people just that much more comfortable. Currently, we have to travel into the townships to get resources to the little ones but we are hoping to find a location from which to run our program because we ultimately vision running training programs and having a place where we can help the kids with not only their physical comforts but hopefully with their little belief systems as well.
So, thank you each and every one of you who have taken the time to read this. We just know that there are hundreds of you out there who share our compassion for this and we are excited to get your help, even if it is just in the form of encouragement and/or passing along the word in order to get more funders.

The Blanco Team