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Karoo Soul Food Retreat

Empowering you to take charge of your health and life purpose through Ayurvedic Nutrition, Yoga and Energy Healing

Kim Van Niekerk and Kim Laubscher

YogaTune into our inner self, our internal flow and energy systems

Yoga is a lifetime exploration of the self and our connection to the greater universe through tapping into various techniques of asana, pranayama, meditation, mudra and banda. Join us to gently explore the power of Hatha Yoga combined with daily practices for optimising your life force.

Ayurvedic Nutrition – Explore this ancient sister science to Yoga

These sessions will offer an introduction to the beautiful wisdom of the Ayurvedic approach to optimal health via our unique dosha assessments to understanding the importance of our basic combination of the 5 elements of fire, earth, wind, water and space. Join us in understanding how we can tune into nature’s natural wisdom, seasons, and rhythms in order to optimise our energy flow and make healing food choices for our unique body

The Energy Codes: Come and learn the energy codes for optimal health, vitality and higher self-living

The energy codes are a powerful 7 step system based in Quantum Science, Energy Medicine and Spirituality Teaching Practises and Principles of Embodiment that show you how to use your body to train the mind to awaken to your greatest life experience, that of living from the true Soulful Self. It’s time to master your energy as you move from survivorship to creatorship – to living your magnificence as a true Creator of Your Life.

At this four day country retreat you will:
  • • Experience varying yoga asana for optimal wellness including kriya, mudra, meditation and pranayama
  • • Discussions on how to incorporate both yoga and Ayurveda into our busy lives with daily dinacahara
  • • Discover Anchoring Techniques to stop living in your head and to master anxiety and stress
  • • Learn B.E.S.T. Release to clear Subconscious interferences preventing you from enjoying optimal physical, emotional and mental wellness
  • • Explore Ayurveda as a science of life from a nutritional and body awareness perspective – basic 101
  • • Learn the importance of Ama and Agni in our beings, how they affect our health and how we can manage their levels with correct food choices for our unique body types.
  • • Practice Intentional Breathwork and Yoga Pranayama for energy release and physical emotional healing
  • • Experience Peace within yourself, harmony with others and relaxation in life
  • • Learn the language of the soul and become the soul in action
  • • Transcend all your limiting beliefs for a life that flows with ease
  • • Heal pain in your body and turn on the vital force that you are meant to be in the world.
  • • Develop the start route of your very own Thrive Plan

And all of this will take place in the Magical Karoo Mountains. This deeply spiritual place is the perfect backdrop for you to learn to take charge of your health, live into your higher purpose, tap into your inner wisdom and expand beyond yourself. It is time for us to embody the true essence that we are.

Venue: Blanco Guest Farm – Eastern Cape – Visit Blanco’s Facebook Page
Dates: Tuesday 13th October – Friday 16th October
Registration: Monday afternoon/Evening from 3pm
Start Time: 6am Yoga class Tuesday 13th
End time: from 11 am Friday 16th after final session

• Own private en-suite room, fully serviced
• Full use of all resort facilities
• All 3 meals plus two teas with eats included (ayurvedic menu) – no alcohol and no meat

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What to bring
• Comfortable clothing (for all seasons)
• Walking shoes
• Warm Jacket/rain jacket
• Costume (optional – for an evening or early morning swim or sauna)
• Blanket
• Yoga clothes and yoga mat
• Hat
• Suntan cream. mosquito cream
• Own soft drinks

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Kim Laubscher

  • Transformation & Wellness Coach
  • BsocSciLLB: Wellness Inventory Facilitator and Holographic Coach.
  • New Insights Life Coach.
  • Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Energy Healing Practitioner.

Retreat Cost

R4800 per person
ALL Inclusive, retreat program plus accommodation package as above

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